Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 86 "25 Days of (insert bad word)"

In this episode Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, Chumbalaya, Happygrunt Alex and a (very sleepy) Leestone Lite go after the 40k releases of the Advent Calender.  We start off with hobby progress, Kenny talks about a local tourney he won, then we go on a small x-wing tangent, but we take a break and get back to 40k by giving our opinions on the GW Financials.  Then we go over The Advent Calender.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking for volunteer web person

Due to a sudden change in my work schedule.  The Heroic 28s are in dire need of a volunteer web designer, or someone with free time who knows how to do it.  Let me know if you're interested by emailing us at

Cowboy Kenny

Episode 85 "happy? New Year"

In this episode, Cowboy Kenny, James Lascannon, Chumbalaya, and Terry C4 are joined by special guest: Brad (fertilespade) as they discuss the topic of what to do about everything... kinda

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