Monday, September 24, 2012

Tyranids vs. Dark Eldar Battle Report

Episode 45 "Codex: Tyranids Pt. 2"

(2:01) We intro the show a little non-chalantly this week and then Kenny has P.S.A for all of us plastic crack addicts. (13:47) In segment 2 Kenny goes over the rest of the codex: the Fast Attack, Heavy Support, and Elites.  (1:22:04) We then put it all together and Kenny relays what he believes is the "secret" of this codex in a the tactics segment.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Episode 44 "Codex: Tyranids Pt. 1"

(2:00) This week we start off the episode with Mike's Combat Patrol and we talk about Combat Patrol in 6th ed. (28:44) We then pick up Tyranids Special Rules and the HQ choices in the Tyranids Codex. (1:17:09) We follow up in Segment 2 with the troop choices in the codex.  (1:45:57) We then close out the show, come back next week for our conclusion of Codex: Tyranids

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

So...When are we actually going to play 6th edition?

Hopefully everyone saw the amazing tournament at NOVA recently (Ustream coverage provided by our friend at the 11th Company!) And the sheer craziness of 6th was on display in the hands of many internet celebrities and veteran players. Flyers and allies were certainly a main theme, truly propagating what an exciting time to is to enjoy the new edition! There's no meta established yet, and everyone is trying new things, with their own ideas, and a wealth of tactics noone has yet to see. But with all that said... were still not truly playing 6th edition.

There's so much at face value that people don't like about 6th; the randomness, allies, fortifications, flyers, etc. But like it or not they are a part in this edition. We haven't seen anyone truly playing 6th, just what we jokingly call 5.5 edition. A mock up of the new rules with apprehension of including some the major changes in 6th. We can theorize and imagine all we want, but our opinions still aren't truly validated until we've tried it.

So basically I'm saying that we, as a tournament community haven't let 6th edition be played in its purest form. There's a lot reasons as to why not, but we need to experiment with it so we can objectively judge it as a whole. Let's digest this far from 5th edition, before we start altering and banning changes.

Episode 43 "Codex: Space Marines Pt. 2"

(2:01) Intros start with kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.  (6:54) Segment 1 we hit the Elites, Fast, and Heavy of Codex: Space Marines. (1:39:09) We conclude our review of the Codex. (2:03:29) We close out the show and Cowboy Kenny gets called out.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Episode 42 "Codex: Space Marines Pt.1"

(2:01)The episode starts off with Cowboy Kenny asking what time it is before the rest of the crew dives into the changes to the website, and announcing the Registration opening for The Railhead Rumble 2013. (10:08) Then we start off with our first 6th Edition Codex review of Codex: Space Marines.  We talk about the special rules and the HQ choices. (1:37:51) The second part of our review hits the Troop choices before we close out Part 1. (2:06:23) In closing we ask you check out our re-vamped websites and ask you guys to leave us iTunes reviews. Check back next week for Part 2 of our review!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rhinos: Are they still worth taking?

Editorial by Fumanchu

5th edition made loads of cheap transports a staple in practically all list, they're resilience to damage provided a mobile safe haven for troops with the only risk being at the mercy of your opponent consecutive rolls of 6's. There wasn't much you could do to combat them other than load your list full of melta guns and when it came down to the damage result roll, pray you rolled a 4+. We've all see and witnessed the gripes about the changes to vehicles. But it's really come down to a balancing act to force vehicles to perform their roles. They're far more lethal now with the added capability of snap firing, granted it only firing at 16.7% accuracy, it's still firing where it couldn't in 5th. Also since stun locking is out of the question, the only thing preventing a vehicle from shooting is destroying the weapon, and to throw a tribulation on to that, its a random weapon (At least my Tau Hammerhead Railguns will only get removed 33% of the time!). Also, with every vehicle given the ability to go flat out, they've certainly increased in speed.