Monday, January 23, 2012

Episode 27 "All FAQed Up!"

Download it here!

In this episode we are joined by James Lascannon. We begin talking about our hobby goals, then we review our contests and the Railhead Rumble. In segment two we talk about the new FAQs. In segment 3 we discuss the new 6th edition "leak." Segment 4 is some tactical talk about Rhinos and Razorbacks and MSU. In segment 5 Kenny and Buck get their hobby on by discussing dipping.


  1. Hey, if you guys need, or want another player to check out the new rules with you on Saturday let me know. I can also bring printed copies of the new rules leak as well. Just let me know how many.

  2. hey chuck, Sandman Mike and myself will be at TTS early Saturday morning if you can join us. We are bringing 1500 pts for a trial run and 2000 if we have time