Monday, October 1, 2012

Episode 46 "Codex: Blood Angels P. 1"

This episode we are joined by a special guest: Fathermapple (its from Moby Dick or something).  We open up with a discussion of the new White Dwarf changes and where that can lead for Games Workshop.  Then we unload our opionions of Codex: Blood Angels and start with the HQ choices in a VERY long second segment.  In the slightly shorter third segment we take care of the Troops choices.  Check our next episode for the the rest of the codex.

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  1. Really loving this series on each Codex. This episode has given me a lot to think about. Really enjoying the banter as well but please buy Uncle Buck a new microphone. I mostly listen to the podcast on the way to work on my headphones and every time he speaks my ears bleed (sound wise not content wise ^_^)

    Keep up the great work. Yours is the only 40k cast I listen to.

    The Intermittent Wargamer, UK