Thursday, December 20, 2012

Episode 56 "Two Year Anniversary... With Actual 40k Content"

You are in for a monstrous show.  We start with our thoughts and feeling for the past year as podcast hosts.  Then Uncle Buck and Cowboy Kenny get on Skype with Newbie Nate and remenisce our humble beginnings.  Then the hosts get chance to talk about any topic they feel like.  Fumanchu hits up his fellow hosts with a fun quiz.  Then Chem-Dog Cory reviews "Angel Exterminatus," by Graham McNeil and gives us an exerpt from the book.  Sandman Mike follows with a discussion and list-building segment on how to build a tough list without giving up the fluff.  Cowboy Kenny tries his hand at a theatrical battle report.  Then lastly Uncle Buck takes the reins and we answer some questions from out Facebook page!  Whew!

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