Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode 61 "Codex: Grey Knights P. 1"

(2:00) We finally review the Grey Knight Codex, albeit short a few cast members.  Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck and Special Guest: Daniel start this show by talking about their past two weeks in gaming.  (45:14) We begin as we always do with the HQ choices, starting with the Grey Knights and moving onto the Inquisition (What A Show!).  (2:01:50) Part 1 concludes with the review of the Troop choices: the Strike Squad and the Terminators and talk a little more than we normally do.  Catch Part 2 next week!

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  1. what was that wet sound that keeps popping up in this one?

  2. Thats the sound of someone cleaning their paint brush in water.

    I love the podcast, but I am calling shenanigans on dreigowing being beatable. The only list I know of is cron air that has a chance, and maybe IG leaf blower, otherwise is it an unbeatable list.

  3. BTW, Logan Grimnar does indeed have Eternal Warrior via Saga of the Bear

    And the Axe Morkai is still a Frost Blade (+1S, AP3, Ini) or a Power Fist. That hasnt been changed