Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode 66 Codex: Imperial Guard P.1

In the episode we are joined by a special guest: Alex.  We begin with with what we have been up to the past three weeks.  Kenny goes over his games at the Alamo GT in San Antonio.  Then we pick up with our review of Codex: Imperial Guard.  We begin with the HQ then move onto the troops selections.  Check out next week's show for our conclusion!

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  1. I heard someone (Kenny?) say that he assaults monstrous creatures with krak grenades from blob squads and rolls buckets of dice... And also that the seargeant had 3 attacks.

    When you use grenades, you can only ever get 1 attack from each model, and only those models in BTB or within 2" of BTB get to attack. Statistically, I doubt a blob squad can get enough models to attack with a single grenade each vs a bloodthirster with weapon skill 10 (need 5's to hit) and do enough to kill it.

  2. Yay, I'm famous!

    Great game, Kenny, it was a pleasure to get rofltstomped by you. I did go winless, but my losing streak got snapped by a draw. Horror. But I still managed to grab the lowest score and get my fluffy bunny award, so good weekend.

    Also, if anybody's interested, here's my Angry Marines

  3. Hey just started listening to your podcast and I am loving it. Getting back into the hobby and starting with IG. Found your codex review very informative just one question though. How well would a biomancy Primaris Psyker joined with a unit of Ogryn work in your opinion? I think the high toughness and three wounds of the Ogryn would go very well with either endurance or enfeeble. Also it would allow the psyker to make good use of iron arm. Anyway just a thought was wondering what your two cents was. Thanks.