Monday, July 15, 2013

Episode 71 "Codex: Dark Angels P.2"

In this episode Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, Chem-Dog Cory, and Terry C4 finish our review of Codex: Dark Angels.  We begin the show with a few laughs and kinda try to talk about how we fill our hobby time during the summer nights in Texas.  Then we move on to talk about the Elites and Fast Attack.  And finish it off with the Heavy Support.  Check back next week for Codex: Eldar.

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  1. Hey guys great show as usual! I think you guys missed that the missiles on the DA flyer are blast so can't affect flyers, and the banner of devastation was actually FAQ'd. It does not affect heavy bolters, but it does work on hurricane bolters. Show prep people! ;) j/k love the show, keep em coming.

  2. Should have finished the episode before my reply... you guys found the FAQ :/