Monday, March 24, 2014

Episode 91 "Codex: Imperial Knights"

In this Episode, follow Cowboy Kenny, Chumbalaya, Terry C4, Wolfman Farley, Happygrunt ALex, and Leestone Lite as they review Codex: Imperial Knights

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  1. Lol wow. I gotta say that you guys sound like you have never actually played escalation, especially you Chumb. :P

    Seriously, the knights are not very good, they might make the 2++ armies a little sad in tournaments, but overall, the Knights are an awesome addition to the game. The Destroyer weapon it has basically just keeps it from being skull fucked by MC's. If someone is dumb enough to take 5 Knight Errants in 1850, then they're going to do great, until someone brings any flyers at all, or if you play on a board with much terrain where they'll be moving at 1/2 speed at best.