Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kessel Run Episode XIII

In this episode, listen to Chumbalaya talk about his (awesome) run in the 2014 Texas Regionals... and listen to Cowboy Kenny hate how he didn't get play in it.

THIS EPISODE WAS RECOREDED PRIOR TO THE LATEST FAQ UPDATES! We are aware some tactics mentioned in the show are no longer viable.

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  1. Hey chaps,

    I've been playing a similar list to Chumby's, but with echo instead of Fel. I put it together just to try out wave 4, but liked it so much I've stuck with it. I've tweaked it a bit as I've gone to try and maximise the potential of both the defender and echo.

    Current list is Echo+ACD+Outmaneuver, OGP+Vader, Vessery+Opportunist. If I can get them lined up against the same target Echo shoots first, strips tokens because they're down a defence dice, then Vessery shoots with 4 or 5 dice too, with focus and a free Target lock because the shuttle's locked the same target, then the shuttle goes and finally vader crits them. If you're lucky you can kill a falcon in 1 turn.

    what do you think?

    1. I <3 Defenders, don't you?

      Vess is great, when supported he is one of the most consistent damage dealers out there. Are you finding any difficulty getting target locks off without Fire Control?

      Phantoms with Outmaneuver are filthy dirty. I'm kicking around Echo w/ Outmaneuver alongside Vader w/ Decoy to let that nasty bastard shoot at PS9.