Monday, August 26, 2013

Episode 76 "6th Edition-1 year later"

In this episode we are not doing a codex review!   Shocking, rigth?  Anyways, Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, James Lascannon, and Terry C4 are joined by a new host, who needs no introduction: the one and only Chumbalaya.  We also have Chandler of Feast of Blades to help us talk abou this wonderful gaming convention.  Go to to sign up now!  We contine on with our hobby updates and games played.  In the second segment we talk about the new edition, one year in.  We discuss alot of different things here!  Lastly, we close with how we have changed over the year and how what we have learned through the journey has changed what we've done and how we look at the game going forward.  Check out next week for Fighting the Tournament Blues!

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