Monday, September 9, 2013

Episode 77 "Don't Cry"

Join Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, James Lascannon, Newbie Nate, and Chumbalya as they really go off on random assortment of topics ranging from the New Space Marines Codex, the NoVA, Allies... oh and **Spoiler Alert** James quits 40k... :(

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  1. Can't get on facebook from work, but I want the quoute from this episode on a T-Shirt :)

    01:22:45+ "There is no penetration"

  2. Episode 77. Terrible episode only because James I believe and his absolute
    NEGATIVE ATTITUDE! He truely ruined the episode with his poor attitude. I dont think it great to have on a 40k Podcast someone and openly talking about selling his army off and not buying GW products. The Space Marine Codex is fine. What did he want 10pt Marines? Free Rhinos? A check from GW for $1000.00? He equating this to his "Sony" issue needs to be off this podcast. He has no place here. Other than the James the downer episode was fine.

  3. This episode was as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

  4. Dont mean this to sound harsh, but I think some of the guys think they are WAY better players than they think they are.

  5. I don't think that what you think is the right thing to think when you think about what you think.
    Lol, yeah the whining wasn't the greatest part of the episode but there were few a still good tidbits and informative info.