Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Episode 79 "Meta Filler"

In this episode Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, and Chumbalaya dig into the current top meta lists.  First we begin with a few announcements and Cowboy Kenny regails us with his absolute failure at The Golden Throne event in Waco.  Then the three talk about Necron Wraithwing and Eldar Serpent Spam and Seer Councils.  Then they next talk about Flying Monstrous Creature Daemon Spam and Screamer Star.  And then Tau... Tau in all its allied and non allied shenanigans.  Lastly, they talk about the impact they believe Space Marines will make on the tournament scene.

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  1. Good episode. Enjoyed the breakdown of the current meta. Last I checked Space Marines with Dark Angel allies was winning Feast so looks like they can and will be competitive!

  2. Correction, was looking at the Open which the SM player did win but the invitational was dominated by eldar. Only 4 SM players in the invitational so still too early to tell.

  3. Like the podcast, very informative, but I want to bring up an interpretation of a rule with allies to Tau. Aun'Va cannot be taken in an Farsight Enclave Army. Now its debatable what Army is. I'd prefer to use a Double Riptide formation because the damage output is greater.