Monday, October 28, 2013

Episode 80 Codex: Space Marines P.1

Join Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, James Lascannon, Terry C4, and Chumbalyaya in part 1 of their review of Codex: Space Marines.  First we begin with a few announcmenents and games played/hobby progress then Kenny talks about his failings at Feast of Blades.  This moves along with our 1-word description of the Codex and talk about Warlord Traits and Chapter Tactics.  Next we discuss the Do-It-Yourself HQs and then conclude with the Special Characters of the Ultramarines and White Scars.  Join us next week for part 2 as we conclude the  Special Characters and talk about the Troops.

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  1. enjoyed the episode and glad to have James back. I look forward to him sticking around and enjoying 40K. Hope to get a game against those dreaded monkeys sometime this winter.

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  2. You could run Sons of Medusa for Iron Hands Successor chapter, Vaylund Cal Iron Thane of Atropos War Clan, High Artificer of the Sons of Medusa, Scion of the Moirae.
    Long Title but he is sweet, chapter master on 40mm base 225pts. But he is awesome. His rules are in the Badab Wars imperial armor books, but at the moment i think you can still print out the updated rules for 6th edition for free on the Forge World website, if you want a cool special named character for "iron hands".