Monday, September 10, 2012

So...When are we actually going to play 6th edition?

Hopefully everyone saw the amazing tournament at NOVA recently (Ustream coverage provided by our friend at the 11th Company!) And the sheer craziness of 6th was on display in the hands of many internet celebrities and veteran players. Flyers and allies were certainly a main theme, truly propagating what an exciting time to is to enjoy the new edition! There's no meta established yet, and everyone is trying new things, with their own ideas, and a wealth of tactics noone has yet to see. But with all that said... were still not truly playing 6th edition.

There's so much at face value that people don't like about 6th; the randomness, allies, fortifications, flyers, etc. But like it or not they are a part in this edition. We haven't seen anyone truly playing 6th, just what we jokingly call 5.5 edition. A mock up of the new rules with apprehension of including some the major changes in 6th. We can theorize and imagine all we want, but our opinions still aren't truly validated until we've tried it.

So basically I'm saying that we, as a tournament community haven't let 6th edition be played in its purest form. There's a lot reasons as to why not, but we need to experiment with it so we can objectively judge it as a whole. Let's digest this far from 5th edition, before we start altering and banning changes.

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