Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Episode 44 "Codex: Tyranids Pt. 1"

(2:00) This week we start off the episode with Mike's Combat Patrol and we talk about Combat Patrol in 6th ed. (28:44) We then pick up Tyranids Special Rules and the HQ choices in the Tyranids Codex. (1:17:09) We follow up in Segment 2 with the troop choices in the codex.  (1:45:57) We then close out the show, come back next week for our conclusion of Codex: Tyranids

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  1. You cannot make the dakka Tyrant with the kit. You still need to get the devourers out of the Carnifex box.

  2. Hive Tyrant is treated like an IC, so 2+ Look Out, Sir! is my vote. I don't care if a T6, multiple wounds, 3+ armor, no invul, gets a couple of extra wounds, essentially. No one will buy the 2+ save, cover is only 5+ for those Monstrous Creatures, and if he's got wings, there's no squad to join, which is how I think most people will be doing it.

    For clarification... I don't even play Tyranids, I just want others to play them.

  3. I'm silly. I didn't listen to the whole podcast before I posted. SHAMED!

  4. ok I know this is an old episode, but I only came across ur show recently. The Swarm Lord or (HiveTyrant) is treated exactly like and IC, its says so on pg 35 of the codex for Tyrant Guard (shield wall rule) and it says so in the FAQ changes for shieldwall.