Monday, September 24, 2012

Episode 45 "Codex: Tyranids Pt. 2"

(2:01) We intro the show a little non-chalantly this week and then Kenny has P.S.A for all of us plastic crack addicts. (13:47) In segment 2 Kenny goes over the rest of the codex: the Fast Attack, Heavy Support, and Elites.  (1:22:04) We then put it all together and Kenny relays what he believes is the "secret" of this codex in a the tactics segment.

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  1. hey belated comment but wanted to say that DeathLeaper has the Shrouded and Stealth special rules, according to the FAQ, and are both cumulative so even in the open it gets a 4+cover save and in cover up to a 2+ max cover save.